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The youngest of 4 children and raised in a conservative, Baptist, blue collar family Chris was taught the value of hard work, honesty and personal accountability. His word is his bond and a handshake is as good as a contract. This is Chris' favorite quote: "Every man must live with the man he makes of himself and the better job he does in molding his character and improving his mind the better company he will have". 


Born and raised in Texas to a conservative Baptist, blue collar family, Chris has been a resident of Tarrant County since birth. Although raised in the city, Chris grew up cowboy. Other family members owned and still own farms and ranches in Texas. He spent his summers hauling hay and working cattle and his school months in the city. From an early age his hero's have always been cowboys. Chris grew up watching Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and John Wayne. Chris believes the iconic cowboy represents the best of America; Courage, integrity, trustworthy, optimistic, dependable and hard-working. These values were instilled in him at an early age. In 1974 at the age of 19 he purchased his first house in Fort Worth's TCU area.


As a Tarrant County resident since birth and Keller resident for 20 years Chris understands the challenges associated with managing a vibrant and growing city while maintaining it's small town feel and quality of life. Keller needs this Cowboy on Council.  


A classically trained actor Chris started his production company in 1978. Over the years he has been fortunate to work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry in both music and television and film...including one of his heroes, Gene Autry. 


His company, Tin Star Entertainment dba: Lagniappe Productions, has it's administrative office in Old Town Keller.


The company owns the critically acclaimed Texas Star Dinner Theater located in Historic Downtown Grapevine, which was just voted "Best First Date Night" by "Southlake Style" magazine. In addition to the dinner theater Lagniappe produces more than 1,000 shows annually for major amusement parks, corporate events and major fairs and festivals all across North America.


With a creative full time office staff of 4 and over 90 actors working for him, Chris understands the necessity for creative problem solving and fiscal responsibility. His company has been voted "Best Entertainment Production Company in Texas" three times by the readers of "Texas Meetings + Events" as well as numerous other industry awards.   


We all know experience is the best teacher. Chris served on the Planning and Zoning commission before being elected to represent it's citizens on City Council in 2017. 


Chris has been serving Keller on City Council place 5 for two terms. He is proud of his record on council. During his two terms he has lowered our property tax burden, Improved our parks and trails and supported vibrant business development while fighting AGAINST apartments and high density. He has worked diligently to watch for over spending while supporting fiscally responsible financial management to save tax dollars. He has been a big supporter of the city becoming self-insured which happened two years ago and has saved the city $829,000.00 thus far. 

Chris is a "Jeffersonian" and believes "less government is more" and understands the seat he occupies on council doesn't belong to him, it belongs to each of you! 

Chris is a true delegate and passionate voice of and for the citizens of Keller. 

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